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SAY Marketing and Promotions worked with us when we hosted the 2013 12th District Meeting in Palm Springs. SAY literally branded the entire meeting. Bags, t-shirts, programs, banners, tickets and souv...

  • Jalani Bakari
  • International Relations Council of Riverside
  • Nov 30, 2014

Welcome to SAY!


Your best local source for school related uniforms/custom apparel programs, event branding and fundraising. 

SAY will take the time to do the legwork and research for you so that you can focus on doing what you do best...run your organization, teach your class, coach your team, manage your staff.

We do all of the legwork to ensure that you don't worry about the logistics. As your promotional partner, I will even help with planning your event or fundraiser.

Here are some case studies:


Case Study 1

The challenge:

School A wanted to have a reliable resource where families could purchase school uniforms that met the requirements of the school.

 It was important for the supplier to provide a quality product that would hold up for the entire school year.

They also needed to be willing to stand behind their product and offer hassle free replacement or refund for damaged goods. (Damaged goods needed to be a rare occurrence.)

They needed their families to be able to preorder products and ensure that at least 90% of the student body would have their uniforms prior to the first day of school.

The solution:

SAY created an online order website for families to order their uniforms. Cards and flyers were provided with the web address to purchase on line. They were given out at the end of the school year and throughout the summer months to families of students who would be enrolling in the fall. Online purchasers were guaranteed to have their uniforms available for pick up at school prior to the beginning of the new school year. (Orders were made available for pick up at Student orientation.)

Parents who wanted their items shipped directly to home could pay a modest shipping fee for the convenience.

Finally, SAY made uniforms available online and in the student store throughout the year for reorders and transfer student purchases.

The Results:

More than 95% of students were outfitted prior to the first day of school and the remaining students had their uniforms within two weeks of opening day. This meant that all students were compliant with dress code faster than ever before and the school could shift their focus  and their attention on other matters at the beginning of school.

Parents were spared the frustration and time lost having to shop all over town and out of the area to find uniforms that met dress code. They also appreciated the high quality product which reduced the need to replace uniforms midterm due to damage and excessive wear.


Case Study 2:

The Challenge:

Families with students attending a military style academy were challenged with finding uniforms that met the strict dress code of the school and have them properly decorated according to standard. Many of the parents were frustrated with having to travel to several stores to secure the various parts of their uniforms and then locate an embroider that could decorate the uniforms with the student’s name in the approved thread color. (The full uniform included: Cap, Blouse, Belt, Pant and boots) They were challenged with going to one store a finding their boots but no uniform tops or pants. Other stores would be out of their size in certain items or uniforms colors were not acceptable.

The Solution:

SAY set up an order table at the school during orientation. Students were given the opportunity to try on their uniform pieces on site to ensure that they were ordering the correct size. SAY then arranged to have all of the uniforms purchased, decorated with the student’s name and insignia and delivered them to the school ready to wear, thus saving countless hours and travel miles for the families.

An online store was created for families to place reorders as needed.

The Results:

Parents were spared long shopping expeditions and the school had students compliant with dress code sooner. Reorders were made simple on line.


Case study 3:

The Challenge:

A local elementary school PTA was asked to conduct a fundraiser by selling t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts to parents, teachers and staff.  The shirts would be worn on “spirit Friday’s” throughout the year. They had limited funds for the project but need to make money to offset other school expenditures not covered by the budget. Ordering through online t-shirt companies required a great deal of upfront capital and constancy in quality were of major concern. They also wanted to improve their profit margins on the sale of the shirts.

The solution:

The PTA contacted SAY and explained their dilemma. SAY recommended that the PTA conduct pre-sales. The PTA would offer a price incentive for ordering in advance. SAY assisted with the process by creating sale sheets (With accurate pictures of what the garments would look like) and order forms for the organization to use. SAY also assisted in identifying a price point that would maximize sales and profits.

The Results:


The PTA was able to increase the size of their initial order by using the presale money to cover the cost. This resulted in a reduction in the price per shirt purchased thus increasing their profit margins. When faculty, students and parents saw the quality of the shirts ordered by those that took advantage of the preorder phase, they quickly purchased up the remaining inventory at the higher price point, thus creating even more profit for the PTA. Students and faculty are seen wearing their shirts and hoods every “Spirit Friday”, Thus increasing overall school spirit and moral. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

SAY Marketing and Promotions worked with our regional team when I served as District Representative for Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity, Inc. They handled our guest bags, t-shirts, programs, banners, ticket...

  • Sedrick Spencer
  • Regional Representative for Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc (2008 – 2011)  
  • Dec 05, 2014


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