Case Study 1

  • Aug 2, 2020

The challenge:

School A wanted to have a reliable resource where families could purchase school uniforms that met the requirements of the school.

It was important for the supplier to provide a quality product that would hold up for the entire school year.

They also needed to be willing to stand behind their product and offer hassle free replacement or refund for damaged goods. (Damaged goods needed to be a rare occurrence.)

They needed their families to be able to preorder products and ensure that at least 90% of the student body would have their uniforms prior to the first day of school.

The solution:

SAY created an online order website for families to order their uniforms. Cards and flyers were provided with the web address to purchase on line. They were given out at the end of the school year and throughout the summer months to families of students who would be enrolling in the fall. Online purchasers were guaranteed to have their uniforms available for pick up at school prior to the beginning of the new school year. (Orders were made available for pick up at Student orientation.)

Parents who wanted their items shipped directly to home could pay a modest shipping fee for the convenience.

Finally, SAY made uniforms available online and in the student store throughout the year for reorders and transfer student purchases.

The Results:

More than 95% of students were outfitted prior to the first day of school and the remaining students had their uniforms within two weeks of opening day. This meant that all students were compliant with dress code faster than ever before and the school could shift their focus  and their attention on other matters at the beginning of school.

Parents were spared the frustration and time lost having to shop all over town and out of the area to find uniforms that met dress code. They also appreciated the high quality product which reduced the need to replace uniforms midterm due to damage and excessive wear.

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