Case Study 2

  • Aug 1, 2020

The Challenge:

Families with students attending a military style academy were challenged with finding uniforms that met the strict dress code of the school and have them properly decorated according to standard. Many of the parents were frustrated with having to travel to several stores to secure the various parts of their uniforms and then locate an embroider that could decorate the uniforms with the student’s name in the approved thread color. (The full uniform included: Cap, Blouse, Belt, Pant and boots) They were challenged with going to one store a finding their boots but no uniform tops or pants. Other stores would be out of their size in certain items or uniforms colors were not acceptable.

The Solution:

SAY set up an order table at the school during orientation. Students were given the opportunity to try on their uniform pieces on site to ensure that they were ordering the correct size. SAY then arranged to have all of the uniforms purchased, decorated with the student’s name and insignia and delivered them to the school ready to wear, thus saving countless hours and travel miles for the families.

An online store was created for families to place reorders as needed.

The Results:

Parents were spared long shopping expeditions and the school had students compliant with dress code sooner. Reorders were made simple on line.

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