Case Study 3

  • Jul 31, 2020

The Challenge:

A local elementary school PTA was asked to conduct a fundraiser by selling t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts to parents, teachers and staff.  The shirts would be worn on “spirit Friday’s” throughout the year. They had limited funds for the project but need to make money to offset other school expenditures not covered by the budget. Ordering through online t-shirt companies required a great deal of upfront capital and constancy in quality were of major concern. They also wanted to improve their profit margins on the sale of the shirts.

The solution:

The PTA contacted SAY and explained their dilemma. SAY recommended that the PTA conduct pre-sales. The PTA would offer a price incentive for ordering in advance. SAY assisted with the process by creating sale sheets (With accurate pictures of what the garments would look like) and order forms for the organization to use. SAY also assisted in identifying a price point that would maximize sales and profits.

The Results:

The PTA was able to increase the size of their initial order by using the presale money to cover the cost. This resulted in a reduction in the price per shirt purchased thus increasing their profit margins. When faculty, students and parents saw the quality of the shirts ordered by those that took advantage of the preorder phase, they quickly purchased up the remaining inventory at the higher price point, thus creating even more profit for the PTA. Students and faculty are seen wearing their shirts and hoods every “Spirit Friday”, Thus increasing overall school spirit and moral. 

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